Benefits of Sound-Dampening Felt Tiles

25 Mar

Our homes are places to gather with loved ones, kick back and relax, and find a little bit of peace and quiet. In today’s world, however, this last bit is becoming more and more difficult to find as our lives get faster paced and noisier. This is why so many individuals and families are seeing the benefits of using new sound dampening felt tiles and panels to decorate and improve their homes or offices.

But what exactly can these felt tiles do? And how do they improve the acoustics and control sound levels? Here, we take a closer look into the technology behind these innovative sound-dampening felt tiles and panels. Then, we review just a few of the many benefits of installing these tiles in your home, office, or any other space that could use a little bit more peace and quiet.


Sound-dampening panels and tiles are panels of varying sizes that can be installed on almost any surface in a home, office, or other indoor space. These panels and tiles are manufactured with a unique and innovative material that works to absorb, rather than deflect, sound waves. This results in a much quieter space.


Sound-dampening is a relatively straightforward concept. Sound takes the form of waves as it travels away from its original source. When the sound waves hit a solid object (such as a wall), four different interactions can occur: transparent, reflective, diffusive, and absorptive. When a sound wave bounces right off the surface, this is a reflective interaction and leads to echoes and other issues with sound quality. When the material is absorptive, this means that some of the sound wave is taken in by the material, and thus, less noise reflects back.

Certain materials are much more effective at absorbing sound waves than others. A material’s sound absorption capability is measured on a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) scale between 0 and 1. The higher the NRC, the more noise the material can effectively absorb. Common sound-dampening felt tiles have an NRC of 0.35, which means they absorb roughly a third of the sound waves.


Now that we know a little bit more about sound-dampening tiles and panels, let’s learn more about what they can do. There are many benefits to installing sound-dampening tiles throughout your home or office. Here are just a few of the top benefits:

1.              Improved acoustics.

Whether you’re in the living room watching your favorite movie, having a dinner conversation, or listening to a new album, good acoustics can make all the difference throughout the rooms in your home. To truly enjoy your in-home entertainment options, consider installing sound-dampening panels. These panels absorb and help redirect sound waves throughout the room, providing a more natural and balanced sound and creating a clearer sound for your audio and video entertainment.     

2.              Sound control.

Take control over the excess noise in your home or office with sound-dampening tiles. When sound waves reflect off certain reflective surfaces, the sound waves continue to bounce around the room. Not only does this get loud, but it also degrades the quality of sound in the space. Sound-dampening panels are made of an innovative material that partially absorbs these sound waves, effectively reducing sound levels and restoring peace to your room.

3.              Privacy.

Whether at home or the office, privacy is always a valuable commodity. Sound-dampening tiles absorb sound waves, which controls sound levels and allows for enhanced privacy and security. This can be especially useful in workplaces that depend on private conversations between individuals. Not only can these tiles provide added privacy, but they also simply make conversations easier.

4.              Focus and productivity.

Anyone who has worked in a noisy, crowded office understands how much of an obstacle this can be for focus, concentration, and productivity. Excess noise can be a distraction for anyone in an office or home, which slows down our ability to get things done. Sound-dampening tiles can be effective at making our work spaces quieter, and thus, much more productive.

Additionally, sound-dampening felt tiles are ideal for the new wave of home offices that have sprung up all over the world. As we’re asked to do more with less space, having a quiet area to get work done is no longer a luxury, but now a necessity.

5.              Improved health.

While most of us may not realize this, our health is affected by the sounds around us every single day. Most noises aren’t detrimental, of course, but repeated exposure to loud noises can eventually lead to hearing loss or hearing issues such as tinnitus.

Loud noises and poor acoustics can also cause anxiety, frustration, and negatively affect your ability to focus or enjoy your daily activities. Taking control over the sound in your environment is a critical step to reduce stress and protect your hearing health.


The noises around us make a major impact on our daily lives. Whether collaborating in the office, working from your new home office, or simply spending time at home, a quieter space can have multiple benefits. By using soundproof tiles on your walls, you can soften sound levels, increase privacy, and even reduce your stress and anxiety. Sound-dampening felt tiles can also improve the acoustics of any room in your home—allowing you to enjoy all your entertainment options to the best effect.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home, office, or any other indoor area, sound-dampening panels can work wonders to improve your space. Most people are also shocked to learn how easy it is to install these felt tiles on almost any surface. Don’t allow surrounding noises to control your life at home or your work in the office and look into what these innovative felt tiles can do for you.

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