Download the Best Screen Time App Online: FamiSafe

23 Nov

Parents give smartphones to their kids for internet purposes. Education these days is incomplete without the use of the internet. Since kids are innocent, they are easily manipulated by criminally minded people. Internet, as we know, consists of good and informative sites as well as inappropriate sites for kids. Sites like drug selling, gambling, or sports betting are illegal. Parents want to restrict these sites on kids' smartphones so that they cannot access these sites. Online safety of kids becomes essential in modern society. For this purpose, we often use screen time app or parental control apps that can effectively monitor the online activities of kids. Many applications are available these days that are used for checking the online activities of kids. However, the best app to monitor the kid's screen time is FamiSafe.

How to Download the FamiSafe Application?

For Android Devices:- 

  • Open Play store on an Android smartphone.
  • Search for FamiSafe
  • Direct Link for FamiSafe app in Play store 

  • Download and install the application on the kid's phone.

 For iPhone devices:- 

  • Open Apple store on i-phone.
  • Search for FamiSafe
  • Direct link for FamiSafe app on apple store:- 

  • Download and install the FamiSafe application on iPhone.

The application can also be downloaded from Amazon. The direct link for downloading this application from amazon is bellowed:-

The need for Parental control for kids

  • Monitor the online activities of kids:-Kids sometimes download adult dating applications that can spoil their innocent minds. That is why we need to impose some restrictions on their smartphones so that we can only grant access to good and informative sites while restricting bad or inappropriate sites efficiently. FamiSafe app is the best screen time app that can perform this function very well.
  • Track Live Location of kids: - The cases of kids kidnapping normally happens in cities. More than 80% of kidnapping is done for the sake of getting ransom money from parents. To protect the lives of kids from kid’s kidnappers, we can use the FamiSafe app. This application has an inbuilt GPRS system that can track the accurate position of the kid's mobile phone. In this way, parents can track their exact location on a real-time basis, thereby ensuring their safety from any potential threats of Kids' kidnappers. This app is beneficial at the time of mobile theft or in a condition when the kids leave their mobile phones in a crowded place by mistake.
  • Excellent user interface:- FamiSafe app has an excellent user interface. The installation process is simple and easy. There are no complicated procedures for limiting the screen time or restricting sites on a kid’s phone. The inbuilt feature of GPRS allows parents to track the live location of kids' phones on a real-time basis.

 Features of FamiSafe app that makes it different from other parental control

  • Can operate on both android and iPhone platforms: - This application is made to work on both android as well as apple platform. The most significant feature of this app is that it works in hidden or stealth mode on a kid’s phone. This application becomes invisible to kids' phones, and parents can check their kid’s online activity from their remote parent device.
  • Clean and safe application: - FamiSafe screen time app is free from any virus and unnecessary advertisement that keeps popping up like other parental control. The interface is kept neat and clean, which makes it easier to use and monitor the online activity of kids.

FamiSafe screen time app provides an excellent platform to ensure the safety of kids online. Parents can impose restrictions on kid’s smartphones from their remote devices. They can block illegal or adult sites or applications on their kid’s phones. This application can be used to protect kids from being kidnapped by criminally minded people. We can track the exact location of our kid’s phones and ensure safety, especially when they are returning from schools or colleges. The application is available on play store as well as apple stores. Kids will hardly notice any spying activity on their phone as this application works in stealth or hidden mode. It is the best app to limit screen time on kids' phones.

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