04 Nov

Moving to a new country is a major decision that involves deep thought. People decide to move to a different country for various reasons. It could be work, business, school, or leisure. Immigration is a social behaviour that is as old as human existence.

If you have decided to move to another country, what are the things you should consider before making the final decision?

In this post, we would be showing you five things you should adequately consider if you want to move to another country.

1.         Where would you live

Since you have decided to move to a new country, your first concern should be accommodation. Getting a place to stay, especially if you plan on staying for a long time, should come first. Getting in touch with Dubai real estate agencies is imperative. You could easily get swindled off your foreign cash if you go house hunting alone. If you plan on moving to one of the new villas in Dubai Hills Estate, for example, you need the expertise of a real estate professional. If the housing options available to you don’t sit well with you, you should reconsider.

2.         Where would you work

Let's say you have gotten a house, how do you keep up? Getting a job is next. You would need to make money to bear all the expenses. If you plan on coming to Dubai and want to live in one of the new projects by Emaar or work there if your skill set fits, then you need to research thoroughly. You should have the necessary skill set to be considered for the jobs available in the city.

3.         How much is the cost of living

The next thing is to evaluate the cost of living. How much does food cost? How much does electricity cost? The living standards in this new place, can you meet up with it? These questions are pertinent because they give you a holistic view of the type of life and the living standard you'll have in the new country. The job or business you'll be doing there plus the money you are coming to the country will determine the standard of living you'll have.

4.         How long would you be staying

The duration of time you'll be staying—long term or short—should be appropriately analyzed. What are the things you are leaving behind to move to this country? How long can you stay away from these things and family? Is this new adventure to a new country worth it? The answer to the question of how long you'll be staying might inform your housing, work, and financial decisions,

5.         What are the healthcare options available to you?

Check if the new country you are moving to offers a work permit that covers healthcare. A proper understanding of the healthcare options available to foreigners, especially newcomers, is imperative. Ask questions from the embassy what the healthcare options are, and if you've got a unique health challenge, know if the work permit covers that health issue.

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