03 Nov

Top real estate brokers in Dubai would readily advise a person who wants to sell a home to do some renovations and improvement before listing the property. This formula, Dubai real estate agencies have testified, increases the value of the property significantly. 

If the house to be sold is one of the apartments for sale in Dubai, then a home renovation and improvement are overly necessary as you need to keep up with trends.

However, don't be fooled; not all home improvements raise the market value of a house. Some even bring down the cost. These improvements are either old trends that may not be right for the homebuyer. Either way, don't make these home improvements in your home if you want to sell it, fast.

Let us take you on a ride on five home improvements you should never attempt.

1.         Don’t use tile countertops:

The days of tile countertops have passed. The 1970s and 1980s are no longer here. In 2019, most people would cringe at the sight of a tile countertop. Countertops made of tiles are difficult to clean, prone to chips, and grout stains. Use other materials like marble or quartz instead.

2.         Open shelving:

This is not supposed even to be an option to consider if you are not a stylish person. Open shelving is hard to pull off, so please stay off it. The clouds of dust that regularly coat the dishes are a major turn off for most. Because there are no guarantees on the level of organization of your potential homebuyer, please don't give them extra work with an open shelve.

3.         Wood paneling:

The newness of the home doesn’t matter; wood paneling doesn’t work in 2019. Even if it’s a house in Dubai, among the new projects by DAMAC, having wood paneling makes your home look dreary and old-school. Moreover, wood paneling makes the house look smaller than it is.

4.         Tuscan Kitchen:

Styling a kitchen this way was trendy in the early 200s but not anymore. Tuscan kitchens are not well aerated and lighted. The dark Italian kitchen styles don't work anymore. More and more people are demanding bigger and well-lit kitchens; getting a Tuscan kitchen would put buyers off.

5.         Raised panel doors and partial overlay cabinets:

For cabinetry, raised panel doors may have looked calm and trendy in the 1990s but not anymore. Also, don’t run multiple visible frames in a cabinetry; it is called partial overlay. This, too, is out of fashion. You can experiment with painting your cabinet.

In conclusion, be careful not to carry out home improvements that are out of trend and make your house unattractive for potential buyers.

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