Why is Tennis Court Repair Important?

01 Aug

A tennis court is more of a technical field that gives us a chance to play the wonderful game of tennis. Any tennis court, no matter it is new or used requires regular maintenance to make sure that it serves you for a long time and also to ensure that it is safe enough for anybody who chooses to play game on it. However, a new tennis court needs special focus as it needs to meet the approved standards and all the safety measures. Tennis court repair should be done whether it is a professional club, residential or a school sport facility.

Have you ever wondered why tennis courts look clean and spotless? Just like no one ever uses or plays on it! Well, it is all about hard work, regular maintenance, and the proficiency of experts who get the work done.

Tennis Court Surfacing

Hard courts are very popular and you can find hard court in almost every tennis club, high school, Community Park and sports club. But what makes them so great?

  • Low-maintenance
  • Clay courts need regular water balance maintenance. Grass courts on the other hand must be regularly trimmed. And if you have hard court, you are only required to sweep it every week with pressure cleaning 1-2 times a year.
  • Good damage resistance
  • Cost-effective
  • Hard courts are more durable than clay courts or grass courts
  • Acrylic paint
  • Line paint

Post the surfacing, white lines are painted as per nationally accepted standards. And this is just the brief outline of tennis court repair including fencing and equipment installation.

Tennis Court Repairs

  • Bird Baths

These occur if your court surface has low spots or cracks in it. The water fills the crack and remains, making a puddle. The water continues to damage the surface by breaking down the acrylic coating system, which acts as a barrier for your asphalt. And with time, bird bath becomes bigger and bigger. However, it can be fixed with multiple layers of acrylic patch binder or an asphalt patch.

  • Surface Cracks

If only the surface layer of your tennis court consists of cracks, bid yourself lucky because this issue can be easily fixed by using Sport Master’s Acrylic Resurfacer. With its low viscosity, the material fills every crack and holds the surface together.

  • Deep Cracks

Now, this is something complicated. If your cracks have been neglected for too long and are really wide, your tennis court might require a stone dust overlay. But, if your court was not neglected for a long period of time then you might consider yourself quite lucky. Following are the ways to fix cracks for your tennis court repair:

  • Using plastic tiles
  • Covering entire court with painted plastic tiles; expensive but efficient
  • Rubber mats

So which one of these solutions is the most reliable one? Well, everything depends on the quality of materials and the expertise of the professionals. Just keep in mind that getting a top-notch crack filling does means that you can stop paying heed to your tennis court repair.


It is quite evident now that having a tennis court and maintaining it is something of great responsibility. As a tennis court owner, you must always remember about the level of comfort and safety of the players and the visitors. And if you are in this very business, it is your duty to get the best maintenance for your tennis court. It totally depends on you to decide the number of layers you want and the color patterns your tennis court should have. And if you are looking to upgrade your hard court, make your vision into achievement.

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