Why Join HCL Tech Bee- HCL's Early Career Program

25 Jun

HCL technologies have started a visionary initiative for students who have completed class 12th known as HCL Tech Bee – HCL’s Early Career Program with its subsidiary HCL TSS. This program aims to bring forth great opportunities for students who have completed class 12th to have a promising career in the IT sector. This program has been designed to focus mainly on providing 12 months of employment-oriented training to class 12th completed students who will gain knowledge and skills required to work in the IT sector. After successfully completing the training, candidates will get an assured job with HCL Technologies.

During the 12-month training period, the candidates undergo the following training:

  • Foundation Training Program – Technical Foundation Training where
  • candidates are prepared well for the technology/domain training.
  • Technology / Domain Training –Stream specific training that helps students to learn how all the tasks pertaining to a job role can be performed.
  • On the job training –The candidates will be working on the job where they will get the opportunity to work on the live projects to gain exposure with the client environment & become job-ready.

How is joining HCL Tech Bee is beneficial?

The primary aim of HCL Tech Bee is to provide the opportunity to 12th completed students to start early in their careers and become financially independent. The benefits of HCL Tech Bee have been summarized below:

  • It is a program that has been developed especially for providing a fruitful career path for 12th completed students
  • Students are giving relevant training on the essential skills required to work in the IT sector efficiently.
  • The trainers and coaches who conduct the training sessions are experts in the industry they have experience in different domains
  • The training program not only aims to impart knowledge but also ensures that learning provides the students with viable career options.
  • Post successful completion of the program students gets a job with HCL as a developer/tester/support/maintenance executive at HCL Technologies
  • Get relevant Job certifications from the best-in-class training center
  • Students also have the opportunity to pursue work integrated higher education from some of the best technical institutes of India, such as SASTRA University, BITS, Pilani.
  • After successful completion of the training, HCL technologies absorb the candidate into its professional workforce

About thousands of students have already benefitted by joining this early career program. But if you're still confused about whether you should join HCL Tech bee or not, then you can always check HCL Tech Bee program reviews and see how students have benefitted from this program.

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