Top 6 Foods Avoid During Pregnancy

03 Feb

During pregnancy, mothers are advised to eat nutritious foods. But apart from eating a healthy diet, expectant mothers should avoid eating certain foods. Everything that a mother eats has a direct effect on her child, so she should seek information from the doctor before eating anything counterproductive.

In many articles, we have told you what to include in your diet if you are going to be a mother. But today we will notify you of some of the 6 substances that you should not eat during pregnancy.

Prohibited pregnant women should avoid all of the following foods except. Here are some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy.

High mercury fish

Mercury is highly toxic. Pregnant women should not eat up more than one or two servings of fish in a month. These fish include shark, tuna, king mackerel and swordfish. According to gynaecologist Dr Ragini Agarwal, "Eating raw fish should also be avoided. Eating sushi during pregnancy should be completely avoided."


If you cannot do any work without caffeine, then take only two caffeine cups a day. The best things to do is to stay entirely away from the coffee. Says Deepshikha Agarwal, a Mumbai-based dietician, "Excessive caffeine intake during pregnancy, especially during the first three months, can lead to miscarriage and other fetal problems. It is better that you consume it in moderate amounts. '

Junk food

Pregnant women should not eat junk food outside, especially those containing maida. Street food increases the risk of infarction. If you fall ill after eating such food, then you will have to resort to medicine. Not all medicines are suitable for the baby growing in the womb. So stay away from street food as far as possible. Not only is this, during pregnancy, the immunity of women usually less than usual. This makes them easy victims of infarcts.

Raw sprouts

Sprouts are very healthy. But unbaked sprouts are not good for pregnant women. In raw sprouts, you may find bacteria like Salmonella. It cannot be washed thoroughly with seeds. It can only be removed after cooking. Pregnant women can eat it only when it is fully cooked.


Occasionally consuming alcohol does not cause any problems. But if you consume a lot of alcohol, you should beware of the pain caused by it. Deepshikha warns women that drinking too much alcohol during pregnancy does not make the child and their brain develop properly. Also, it affects the texture of the baby's face.

Avoid eating oily

Pregnant women should take great care of their food. Stay away from oily and junk food as much as possible, as they contain high amounts of salt and sugar, and many preservative chemicals are also present, which can affect pregnant women and their baby. On the contrary, they should eat fresh food. And you should increase the amount of calcium and iron in your food as much as possible.

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