5 Basic but Important Tips to Become a Professional Speaker

30 Jul

Do you want to become a speaker? Is your aim to become a professional speaker? If so, you should refer to very basic ideas. You should start with very basic things. Here are important Ryan McCarty Keynotes to become a good speaker.

Slow down

The first and foremost thing is to slow down. Many unprofessional and inexperienced speaker talk faster on stage than they realize. It may not be understandable. When you are delivering a speech or give your talk, do remember not to be nervous and anxious. Try to hold all the important information you need to present in your head. All you need to do is to get through your speck so you can get off the stage and speak where people can judge you. It is advisable to speak slowly enough that you feel a little comfortable doing it and let your audience feel comfortable listening to you.

Body language

Pay attention to your body language. Body language is very important for a couple of reasons. Some of the key reasons are:

  • Non-verbal communication 

In non-verbal communication, your body language plays an important role. It complements verbal communication. The way you hold yourself, your posture, the way you move your hand, everything matters a lot. They can help you refine and reinforce what you’re talking about.

  • Unaware of body language

If you are not aware of your body language, it can badly affect your speaking ability. Most of us come with little nervous tics we do without noticing.

Some of the common nervous tics include: Pacing back and forth or “wandering the stage, touching your face or playing with your hair, rubbing the back of your neck, tapping your feet, fidgeting with your fingers, playing with your pockets or other parts of your clothes or jewelry, looking back at your slides too often and swinging your arms back and forth. 

If you are aware of these ticks and try to eliminate them, you do unconsciously and learn to utilize intentional gestures for dramatic effect, thereby can hold the audience’s attention much more effectively.

Eye contact

As per Ryan McCarty speaking course, making eye contact with the audience is very important. When you get an opportunity to speak on stage or you’re addressing everyone in the room, it is very important to make eye contact with your audience. Each person sitting in a seat should be contacted. It is advisable to regularly move your gaze to different parts of the audience. Let them be assured that you move over the entire audience during your talk. It is good to make eye contact with people throughout the room.

Do practice

Practice makes a man perfect. Do a lot of practice. It is good to practice your material a lot before stepping on stage. While making practice, your main aim should be to do it until you get your speech right. Don’t let anxiety look in your brain. Master your material and information as this will help you avoid that adverse effect. Furthermore, mastery will support you in cutting down on a lot of nervousness in the first place. If you know precisely what you’re going to say, you’ll be more confident in front of the spectators.

Focus on Your Topic

Focus on your topic instead of performance. When you develop your speech, spend a lot of time in preparing for the topic, and stay focused on the transformation you want to have on your public. It is amazing. You will be surprised to realize how much less scary you are once you focus on your audience and figure out exactly what you would like to deliver.


These are some of the important basic tips you need to keep in mind to become a professional speaker. Stay focused on your body language, eye contact, and most importantly, our topics. When you have knowledge about your topics, your speech will become almost as easy as you simply explain something to a friend in a casual setting. It is good to go through Ryan McCarty keynote.

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