Living in PG in Hinjewadi

26 Jul

Hinjewadi is one of the posh localities in Pune district, located in Mulshi taluka. Many IT and multinational companies are located here. It is a cosmopolitan region that is known as the Oxford of the east. This city is divided into three phases. Nearly 2.5 employees travel in this city by bus, auto or vehicles because their companies are located here.  Yet, many people are not able to travel for more than 10 kms daily, so they buy a rented house. Usually, the people from other cities prefer to settle here because their companies are located nearby.

Apartments in Pune

Many deluxe apartments are built in this area. Most of them are multi-storied apartments. Some of them let out a portion of their house as rent. Some of the people living in bungalows also provide pg facilities to the people. They build a separate room or a little home and provide rental facilities to the people. The people who live as pg in hinjewadi in apartments can enjoy many types of facilities. They can find single rooms and enjoy hassle free life. Some apartments in Hinjewadi are exclusively meant for boys or bachelors who are employed in companies of Hinjewadi. Some apartment owners do not demand security deposit, but only monthly rent. The terms and conditions of the owners are different. The people living in pg should pay electricity bill and food charges along with the monthly rent. So, they should pay some fixed amount for accommodation. But the food and electricity charges differ according to usage. They need not pay any maintenance charges. The residents are regularly served breakfast along with tea, lunch and dinner. If they are living in apartments, they can enjoy facilities such as wifi, housekeeping, refrigerator, wash and TV. Usually in Hinjewadi, many house owners provide North and South India cuisine.

Some people can enjoy living in flats. They can buy 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK rooms on rent. They should pay monthly rent and food, electricity charges. They can find different types of homes such as unfurnished, semi-furnished or fully furnished houses. The fully furnished homes have facilities such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine facilities also. Some semi-furnished homes consist of facilities such as Wi-Fi, parking, housekeeping furniture etc.

Different types of homes in Pane

Usually, pg in pune hinjewadi is posh and consists of vitrified tiles. Some of the single rooms consist of single or double cots. Some of the homeowners also provide cabins to store things.  Hinjewadi is one of the posh localities in pune and many people are buying a temporary and a permanent home also. Many people love to live in this area that is surrounded by greenery. Some homeowners especially the bungalow owners demand security deposit. But, if a person wants to stay in apartments, they need not pay the security deposit, but should only pay the monthly charges. Some of them are even provided with an app to constantly interact with their homeowners. So, many people live as pg in gated communities also. They can enjoy different activities here.

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