Things to Know About Color Choice When It Comes to Table Runner Rental

30 Jul

Have you ever excited to throw a party, but then get confused about figuring out which colors you should match together for your décor? That is the most common issue many get stuck in the party rental industry. Given that we have tried to put experts’ expertise in this blog that will help you mix and match colors and find the right table runner rental service for your next party.

First, it is essential to understand how to match and pair your colors. Make sure which color you would like to choose as your main colors and which one you would like to use as accent colors. In general, the main colors are your table liners while accent color can include a smaller percentage of the table settings. They are generally your sash or napkins. It is good to make linen N’ Chair covers your source for sophisticated table runners. These runners can be the perfect accent for your tabletop decor. Be it a wedding or special event; a good rental service provider can make sure you have a color or tablecloth fabric that will beautify your special event.

 If you have more than one color, it is advisable to use an overlay draped over floor-length linen in different linen colors. Here are basic colors. They are good, especially if you want to divide up a circle into 6 pie slices. Each slice represents red, orange, green, yellow, blue, and violet. If you use the color wheel, it will help you find several ways to pair your party colors together.

Monochromatic Colors:

While searching for Table Runner Rental services, make sure to sue the monochromatic color linens. However, go for dark or light versions of those same colors. To take an example, choose light pink napkins it can accent dark pink fuchsia lines. The look will remain suitable, but can still let you make your party colorful without introducing another color.

Analogous Colors:

If you wish to go for a subtle look as well as something with a little more color, then go for any two colors options next to each other. For example, red and orange are next to each other, and they can complement each other very well.

Complimentary Colors:

If it is a bolder look, then opt for the color that is direct across from your primary color. For example, green and red are across from each other. By choosing a lighter red, i.e. pink and pair that with a lighter green, i.e. apple green napkin, the two lines can go together very well. But it is important to use complementary colors. Also, make sure the shade of the color remains similar as well. Remember if you are opting for complimentary colors, the shade of the color needs to be similar as well. A light red (pink) would not go well with a dark green and vice versa.

Pairing with Neutrals:

Also, never fail for using your neutrals. These neutral colors can pretty much counterpart any color you select. When discussing linens, your neutrals are your blacks, browns, whites, and ivory. It is good to go for a lighter accent linen color which should be paired with a neutral. This will allow something subtle yet colorful. It is also good for using the Monochromatic rule, which has been mentioned earlier with your neutrals as well. Using a trellis Pecan linens with Ivory napkins and accents of chocolate ribbon around each napkin.


Table linen purchase service provider can provide a range of table runners and table overlays. They are good to accessory for event coordinators and wedding planners. They can offer an extensive collection of colors. These runners are designed to match any design palette. A good service provider can let you select from a wide assortment of table runners, easy payment options, table runners suitable for all types of events, and prompt shipment. You can get burlap, satin and polyester table runners.

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