Things to Know About Wedding Photography in India

02 Jan

Weddings are a colourful occasion. In India, there are different kinds of people who can trace their roots to India. Everyone wants to have some unique photographs at their wedding which make them different from others. Wedding photographers are showing some of the ideas that can make your desire come to reality. Wedding photography is nothing new to Indian weddings. Punjabi weddings, Rajasthani weddings, Bengali weddings, and Gujarati weddings last for days together and cover some rituals. Rituals like 'sangeet' can be quite fun-filled with people singing and dancing to the tunes of old folk music as well as the latest songs. All these ceremonies are worth being covered.

Even wedding photographers are becoming professional using the latest still and video cameras combined with special effects and the use of computers to enhance the image quality. You can also come across some wedding photographers who have done specialized courses from reputed universities not just in India but even abroad. Though, how will you ever know which wedding photographer is good enough to be chosen as the one who would cover your wedding? Here are a few tips that can help you to select the company of best wedding photography in India:-

  1. You can contact your friends, family, and neighbours if they know of anyone who has experience in wedding photography. You should ask them to recommend some good photographers they have hired or any of their relatives may have hired for a wedding or any other function.
  2. You should know about the venue and location because great photographs always depend on the amount of light that is there at the wedding venue. Make sure which photographer you have shortlisted has experience in covering indoor as well as outdoor or garden weddings or has sufficient lights to make up for any shortage in the wedding venue.
  3. Photographers generally charge a per hour basis, per day basis, or for a particular number of photographs and hours of videography. You should make sure you know well in advance how many rituals you would like to be covered.
  4. If you have a list of photographers, you should start calling them for a meeting. And make sure they also bring along with them some sample photographs from weddings that they may have covered. Choose those you feel have the best photographs and the required experience. Also, make sure that your selected photographers are ready to work within your budget.
  5. You should make sure about money that how much money you are ready to spend on wedding photography since the cost can differ not just on the number of days you hire a photographer but also from one photographer to other.
  6. If you have shortlisted a few photographers, then ask them to show you the actual or sample wedding albums so that you can decide what kind of wedding album you would want to get designed. Some options are available these days and wedding albums can be developed in some different ways. This will also give you an actual experience of how good and professional the photographer actually is.

So, the albums and budget you can simply select a wedding photographer. Invite the photographer to see the wedding venue once so that he or she can arrange for the necessary logistics like additional lights or camera accessories. Also, you can ask your wedding photographer to give you a small sample by covering any small occasion in your house at a relative's place. You should inform your photographer in advance if there are some special events that you want to be covered. If you select and expensive clothes, you should make sure you request your photographer to click some solo photographs of each and every family member.

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